Acceptable Use Policy

When you complete the user registration process on this website, or obtain and order related products and services from this website, you are deemed to have fully agreed to these terms of service. These terms of service are the same as the written terms signed and signed by the customer in person. They also have legal effect on both the user and the STRONE LLC.

First Article User Information and Privacy Protection
1.1 Users refer to natural persons, legal persons and organizations with full civil capabilities.
1.2 Users need to provide their true, accurate and complete user information to this website; when the corresponding information changes, users need to update the corresponding information in time to maintain the validity of their user information.
1.3 Users need to keep their user accounts properly and take full responsibility for all activities and events carried out on the accounts.
1.4 Users agree and authorize: Based on the importance of products and services, STRONE LLC maintains contact, communication and emergency handling with customers through the user information provided by STRONE LLC, including but not limited to email, instant messaging, etc.
1.5 Any user information submitted on this website is only for us to provide users with a more efficient and quality service experience.
1.6 STRONE LLC promises and guarantees the confidentiality of user information and customer privacy, and destroys data when necessary.

Article 2 Prohibited content and actions
2.1 It is forbidden for users to use STRONE LLC's products and services to provide but not limited to the following acts:
2.1.1 Pornography: Movie stations involving child pornography, regardless of whether the laws of the country where the server is located permits, we will never serve such users. Anyone who finds the above application will immediately terminate the service without refund.
2.1.2 Reactionary class: illegal assembly, religious institutions that are not permitted by the relevant laws and regulations of the country where the server is located, and reactionary comments, etc. We do not provide any service or provide any explanation for such content, Where found, immediately terminate the service and retain the evidence.
2.1.3 Spam category: Spam is prohibited in many countries in the world. Our server also prohibits all informal mail group sending services, and will be shut down as soon as it is discovered. other. As for any illegal content stipulated by national laws and regulations and local governments, our company will not support or provide services. Those who operate illegal applications must bear all direct or indirect responsibilities.
2.2 After verification by STRONE LLC, if the user has the above behavior, we have the right to make a response that is not limited to the following: request for deletion, suspension of service, suspension of service.

Article 3 Controversial content and behavior
3.1 For disputed content, including but not limited to any complaints of being attacked by DDOS, free streaming, politics, obscene information, intellectual property rights, etc., we will communicate with users and actively resolve, and decide whether to suspend or suspend their services according to the actual situation ;If the problem cannot be solved after communication, or recurring, we have the right to terminate the service provided to the user without refund.
3.2 In response to problems on the line, including instability caused by network operators at home and abroad, such as delays in access, packet loss, and inaccessibility, STRONE LLC will assist in providing analytical evidence and will not make compensation for refunds, but will work with the network operation Cooperation and assistance, and solve the problem in a short time.

Article 4 Malicious attacks and defamation
4.1 Our service team will adhere to solve all problems for customers and provide service to users. If any of our staff violates, please contact us in time for complaints and reports. STRONE LLC will give reasonable treatment and Feedback.
4.2 We humbly accept the criticisms and suggestions from users, but if the user maliciously attacks STRONE LLC staff and denigrates the STRONE LLC reputation several times in terms of words and actions, including but not limited to illegal, harassing, slanderous, abusive, and intimidating For sexual, harmful, and derogatory words and deeds, we have the right to suspend the corresponding service of the user and terminate the service provided to the user without refund. And reserve the right to pursue their legal responsibilities.

Article 5 Data Security and Backup
5.1 However, since computer hard disks and storage devices are mechanical objects, even in the environment of hardware RAID10, there is no guarantee that 100% will not have any failures; therefore, users are obliged to be responsible for their own data security, and we strongly recommend that users regularly perform backup work And provide corresponding assistance and solutions; in fact, remote backup data is the most secure solution.
5.2 Data loss due to hardware failure or abuse, STRONE LLC will not be liable for its compensation, but we will do our utmost to assist customers in recovering data and solving problems; if the customer data is lost due to operational errors of our personnel and other reasons, we will actively Negotiate with the user and try to solve and restore the data, etc., and provide the user with a satisfactory solution according to the specific situation.
5.3 Users need to keep their user accounts properly and take full responsibility for all activities and events carried out on the accounts.

Article 6 Compensation and compensation clauses
6.1 For the downtime, data loss, etc. caused by our reasons, the customer has the right to request the company to make corresponding compensation or compensation. The maximum compensation amount does not exceed the rental fee for one month of the equipment rental, not limited to the following acts:
6.2 Downtime caused by operational errors of our staff, but data center equipment maintenance, network equipment upgrades, etc. are not within the scope of compensation;
6.3 Loss of customer data due to our reasons and responsibilities;
6.4 STRONE LLC does not provide any compensation and compensation for any events caused by force changes such as political changes, war and other social events, and natural force disasters such as weather and earthquakes.
6.5 STRONE LLC does not provide any compensation and compensation for user losses and impacts caused by violation of the provisions of these service terms.

Article 7 Handling of Arrears
7.1 Users need to apply for business renewal at least 2 days in advance. When the business expires, the customer's business will face the risk of service suspension, business cancellation, and data loss. STRONE LLC will not bear the user's loss caused by the customer's failure to pay in time.

Article 8 Refund Service
8.1 At present, STRONE LLC-related products and services do not provide refund services. Please make a detailed understanding before ordering, and then place an order, which was not raised at the time of ordering; the corresponding questions and matters will be regarded as the customer has fully understood and informed of the corresponding products and services Details.
8.2 The user's request for termination and cancellation of business made in the middle of the use shall not require the refund of the payment.

Article 9 offers and price adjustments
9.1 Based on the changes in the market and products, as well as the needs of event promotion, STRONE LLC will occasionally launch various discounts, including appropriate price adjustments. STRONE LLC reserves all rights to discount and adjust prices. When the product price changes, it is only applicable to new orders, and cannot be applied to existing orders and existing businesses. STRONE LLC reserves the right to modify the service system and price at any time without notifying users.

Article 10 other content
10.1 This clause is formulated under the premise of combining customer rights and ensuring STRONE LLC's efficient and high-quality products and services, and subjecting both parties to certain behavior constraints to ensure more legitimate interests of users. STRONE LLC has the right to make appropriate adjustments to these terms. When the terms of service are changed, the modified content will be prompted on the home page and related important pages. If the user does not agree with the changed content, the user can actively cancel the network service used. If the user continues to use it, it is deemed to accept the service Changes in terms.
10.2 The user agrees that STRONE LLC may transfer its rights and/or obligations to the new owner for continuation due to STRONE LLC listing, acquisition, merger with a third party, name change, etc.
10.3 All disputes related to these Terms of Service shall be resolved by friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, both parties agree to file a lawsuit to the people's court where the main place of business of STRONE LLC is to settle.

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